common problem

common problem

Can I try it out? Can I apply for a refund after purchase?

We do not provide a trial, you can buy the smallest package to test. Based on the terms of service on our official website, we do not support refund services.

If you think the agent or the software is not working properly, please contact our customer service. We will check for you and provide you with a solution.

Can I just buy an agent in a certain country? How long does the account agent balance expire?

You can choose an agent in any country from the YiLu software to use. The agent balance in your account never expires, and there is no requirement for how long it must be used up.

Can your software be logged in from multiple different computers at the same time? Can my colleagues and I use the same YiLu account together?

If it is used internally by your company, it is possible for multiple different employees to log in to the same account. If you share your account with others, your account will be permanently blocked.

How long can an agent generally be used?

Our proxy IP can theoretically be used for a long time, but if a certain IP needs daily maintenance or removal, please replace it with another IP.

Our software should work normally on all Windows version systems. If YiLu cannot be started on your system or the browser displays your local IP address when using YiLu proxy, please try step by step until it is resolved:

1. It is very likely that your anti-virus software’s active defense/real-time protection has mistakenly blocked YiLu’s proxy function. You can try to turn off the anti-virus software (Norton, 360, Tencent Computer Manager, etc.) or include YiLu files whitelist. After that, download the latest version of YiLu again and try again.

2. Maybe your system is not the original copy of Windows issued by Microsoft, so it lacks some necessary files to make YiLu's default proxy engine work normally.

3. If you have tried all the above 2 steps and YiLu still does not work, it is your system problem. Please reinstall the system. Please make sure that you are using the original Microsoft version of Windows that has not been modified or cracked, and update Windows to the latest And try again. Thanks!

I always fail to log in to YiLu, and the proxy speed is very slow, what should I do?

If you can't log in to the software, use the proxy, or use the proxy slow or unstable, it may be the following problems, please try one by one:

1. Our servers are all in the United States, which may be caused by your network problem, or your country has blocked access to the United States. In this case, please contact our customer service to solve it for you in time.

2. The proxy is slow or unstable. It may be that the network in your area and the proxy IP area you are currently using is unstable. It is recommended to try another IP.

I want to reuse the IP I used before, what should I do?

You can use the "favorite proxy IP" function, you can find your favorite proxy IP in your favorites folder. (Please note that reusing the agent in the favorites after 24 hours will still deduct the fee)

Why is your software reported by anti-virus software? Is it safe for me to use it?

101% safe. Because some functions of the software, touch some operations intercepted by the anti-software monitoring, it will be mistaken for malicious programs. When you use it, you turn off the anti-software. Or just add a whitelist. We have submitted a false positive appeal, but it will take time to process.

Is YiLu's agent highly hidden?

Yes, it is based on the Socks5 protocol, and the entire communication process from the client to the server is encrypted with a high-strength encryption algorithm.