Graphic tutorial

YiLu Socks5 Proxy Graphic tutorial

Welcome to the official website of Yilu Proxy agent, please watch the software related screenshots and instructions below:


If you haven't downloaded Yilu agent software yet, please“Download Yilu Proxy”Software, after downloading, decompressed, run to Yilu Proxy's main program. Figure 1:



After running, you can select a software display language in the lower right corner of the software, fill in your account and password, log in. Figure 2



If you haven't registered an account yet, please "register your account" first, if there is no invitation code, you can leave the blank. Figure 3



After the login is successful, you can see the Yilu Proxy IP list, the IP in the agent list belongs to the shared IP. Figure 4



In the agent list, select your favorite proxy IP, click "Right", you can see the basic use function. If you use the "forwarding port to the agent", select the corresponding port, you can see the IP of all current forwarding ports in the "Port Forward List" on the top right of the software. Figure 5 and Figure 5_1



Yilu Proxy also has exclusive agent features, in the exclusive list, you can order exclusive IP, exclusive IP only you use it yourself. Figure 6



Yilu Proxy settings You can customize the proxy IP port, you can also use multiple ports at the same time, if you need to use multiple ports, set the port range in the forwarding port item. Figure 7